Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy But Not Me!!

AAGGHHHH So a friend of mine just had a baby today and I'm happy for her but pissed at the world that she had a perfect, wonderful pregnancy but not me!! I think what pisses me off is that friends have babies that are smaller then Madeline weighed and evreything is just fine for them. Gosh I'm so mad, mad, mad.

On top of that, going to see a therapist and it has been 10 months and still not pregnant, my husband can't move past the grief he is so scared to do an IUI. It dosen't happen for us naturally get that through your head honey-please, please I want us to be pregnant. I miss Madeline too, but the biggest way to honor her is to have brothers and sisters for her. PLEASE PLEASE!!

I'm so lost our marriage is strained. I need to know how to get through the disappointment month after month of not moving forward with a pregnancy.


Daddy really needs your help.
He is really feeling guilty about not being at home right away the night you were born,and can't get over the guilt.
There is nothing that mommy or daddy could have done differently,we got to the hospital as soon as we could.
you are not in any pain and I know that Nana and Papa are taking great
care of you till we see you again.
Maddy, daddy needs your strength right now.
Please help him out.

I love you princess!!