Monday, May 3, 2010

Watch What You Say!!

Ok, so this weekend I was shopping with mom at Bath and Body Works and the lady in the store was speaking with a co-worker about how excited she is about mother's day next Sunday with her new born. I feel like she just knew that she was purposefully trying to jab me in the heart with her comments. I mean I feel like there should be some kind of sign and people should watch what they say. I know that this is a completely ridiculous request, but it makes me feel better. I hope MD is not as hard as I'm making it out to be.

I miss you Madeline
xoxoxo Mom


  1. What a beautiful way to honor your sweet Madeline. I'm glad to be on this journey of healing and remembering with you. Love, April

  2. I'm sorry!

    I added you and your girl to my Angel Friends list. ♥

  3. One day, my hubby and I went down to the lunchroom at the hospital while Camrynn was still touch and go. I watched a man screaming at his little boy and he ended up smacking him for not listening. I was SO angry knowing that my baby girl was dying up in NICU and he was taking for granted his beatiful child. I am so jealous of parents that have never known a loss. The world looks so different from the other side.

    I used to feel like I carried around this bag of grief and that no one understood my pain. It even was difficult for me to smile at times.

    My heart aches for you and your husband.